Company Link is an organization dedicated to the Experimental Theatre and Dance artist living and working in Winnipeg. Through training, presentation, and forums we support the development of work that is driven by artistic vision and work that resists definition within traditional categories. We believe that each work must create its own definition and that a successful work must be measured by its ability to communicate its ideas and feelings clearly and unpretentiously to an audience.  We are particularly interested in supporting artists who are interested in removing the boundaries between theatre and dance.

Company Link was born out of TRIP dance company, a Winnipeg based contemporary dance company that was founded by Artistic Director Karen Kuzak and General Manager Randy Joynt and operated from 1997-2010. The organization was shuttered in 2010, as the co founders were ready to move to other pursuits. The corporate structure was kept active, however, until such time as a new Artistic Director with a compelling vision was identified to assume the leadership of the organization. In early 2013, Tom Stroud assumed this role and the organization began to transition to support a new vision. This included, along with the new name Company Link, electing a new Board of Directors and establishing a relationship with Artspace Arts Management for administrative support.

To date, Company Link has hosted an intensive Alba Emoting workshop for actors and dancers with CL5 certified Alba Emoting instructor Laura Facciponti, and presented the first draft production of Tom Stroud adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre's seminal work No Exit at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film.  Company Link has also offered classes in Contact Improvisation taught by Ali Robson and classes in Improvisation taught by Company Link's Artistic Director, Tom Stroud.

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Experimental Theatre and Dance
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